PGR Knowledge Exchange Award

Celebrating the impact of our postgraduate research beyond academia

The PGR Knowledge Exchange Award is a new initiative that recognises the most significant Knowledge Exchange projects delivered by our Humanities and Social Sciences postgraduate researchers in collaboration with external partners.

Starting from the 2021-22 academic year, we will award the individual or team of PhD researchers from the Faculty for innovative arts, humanities, or social sciences research that has had a far-reaching impact and made a difference to groups and communities beyond academia. The Award judging panel will assess projects on the basis of four main critical areas:

  • Quality of results
  • Economic, social, cultural, or other public benefits of the research
  • Quality of the collaboration
  • Communication of results

See more details and how to participate in the Award Guidelines

All researchers from the Faculty of Humanities who have completed a Knowledge Exchange project as part of the Faculty Placement Scheme or any other internal or external initiative in collaboration with non-University partners can participate.

The award will be announced every year in Novermber, with the awardee receiving a money prize (£1,000) and a special publicity feature on University-wide news channels in recognition of their excellent results.

The deadline to send submissions is 30 September 2022, 23:59 UK time.