I loved being part of the programme, and I would definitely recommend fellow researchers to take part. This was an excellent opportunity to meet other researchers, enhance skills (and learn new ones), and use my research skills to support a local business, which I believe is extremely important, as I think research needs to be able to translate into the real world, and provide solutions to real-life problems. The coaching received during the programme was extremely useful and the level of skills and knowledge shown by the coaches was very high. I felt the feedback was constructive, clean and directed to improve our work.

Andreina / Global Development Institute, University of Manchester.

Participating in this programme was a fantastic experience. Being part of a highly interdisciplinary team, I benefited from being exposed to a variety of methodologies, learning from all my teammates and developing new skills along the way. This experience was extremely enriching for my personal and professional development and I would highly recommend this programme to all PhD students.

Marta / School of Arts, University of Liverpool.

I would absolutely recommend this programme to my peers if they are keen to engage with business partners and think about the contemporary relevance of their work. The scheme lends itself to the dissemination of research beyond academia and also provides researchers with training in project development, which I feel was extremely useful, whatever career path one takes after their PhD.

Charlotte / School of Arts, Languages and Cultures, University of Manchester.