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Good Practice in Employability and Skills Provision

Good Practice in Employability and Skills Provision

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Social Sciences
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Recently the Department of Sociology was used an example of good practice in the provision of activities around employability and skills development. Andy's presentation reflects on where Sociology stands in its current work on employability and the development of 'Careers and Skills' software.

The Careers and Skills Manager is a database that allows students to track their activities (both academic and extra-curricular) across the course of their degree and then on into employment and further study. These activities can be linked to career pathways and skills lists in order to effectively construct progress plans for their future careers. The principal novelty lies in that it allows students to make links between core skills that are required for the jobs they are considering and an extensive list of skills that are developed by the UoM modules that are provided as part of the degree course and their extra-curricular activities. Funding will be used to a) Further develop the Careers and Skills Manager; b) Trial it with students in the Department of Sociology (primarily with 2nd and 3rd years) in order to understand how they use it and what they think of it.

Following a review of the trial the Manager may be extended for use in other DAs. Andy's bid for retention funding can be found to the right of the page.


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