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MBS Head of School 'Town Hall' Student Experience UG Feedback Meeting

MBS Head of School 'Town Hall' Student Experience UG Feedback Meeting

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This event aimed to support and enhance a number of other undergraduate initiatives within the School to engage with students, listen to their views, feedback actions and ensure that students feel part of a community. It aimed to enable undergraduate services to follow up on recommendations from the recent five year review 'to continue to work on the communications policy of the School' as well as directly acting on student feedback on this issue.

The event had two elements to it. The first was a student experience feedback meeting (entitled 'Town Hall' meetings within MBS) with undergraduate students led by Professor Luger, which provided the opportunity for communicating wider School initiatives to students and feeding back on relating undergraduate activities based on previous student feedback. The second part of the event was a social gathering for students, directly after the meeting, allowing students across all years to engage with each other as well as with academic and professional support services staff. This provided additional opportunities for peer mentors to meet up with mentees as well as for exchange students to interact further with undergraduate students.

The Director of Manchester Business School, Professor Michael Luger, led this initiative to show to students the value placed on engaging with them and listening to / acting on their views.


Undergraduate services received some very positive feedback from students about the event. Students cemented the value in continuing to organise an annual event for undergraduate students. Such events would help to enhance the communication between academic staff and students and this would improve the teaching and learning experience at AMBS:
[more communication between academic staff and students; staff as a whole needed to be more proactive in improving communication and closing feedback loops, bringing information back to students so that they could understand what was happening] The School's intention to continue to do this (or something similar) each year.