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Enhancing student social spaces in Law

Enhancing student social spaces in Law

LAWS10432 Psychology, Crime and Criminal Justice
Student Support and Development, Funded projects

The School was already undertaking refurbishment within the building - a 4th floor reception area that matched the third floor in terms of design that was completed during the summer 2010. A new moot room was created during the summer 2011, with a fixed Judges bench and AV equipment which allows moots to be recorded. The School have never had a proper moot room, despite it being a popular extra curricular activity. As a result we had not been able to host mooting competitions with other institutions.

The additional funding allowed the School to purchase new furniture (tables and chairs) for the moot room which matched the mooting facilities. It also allowed us to purchase comfy chairs and coffee tables for both the third and fourth floor reception areas so students can sit. In addition, we bought computer terminals for both common rooms in the School (UG and PGT/PGR) so while students are in the common rooms they can quickly check emails, access the internet etc. The improvements have been well received by the student body. We are looking forward to being able to host mooting competitions and we are very grateful to the Faculty for awarding this money.