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Teaching with Twitter

Teaching with Twitter

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  • Teaching with Twitter

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Social Sciences
ECON20401 Macroeconomics
Collaboration and Peer learning

Paul presented an interactive workshop/talk using Turningpoint responseware to measure attitudes towards Twitter as a pedagogical tool. Participants were shown how their own attitudes change over the course of the talk.

Their early aims of using Twitter included:

  • To re-instate the 'lost' communication channel in the VLE and create course community/social benefits.
  • To innovate in the use of Twitter to find benefits that can enhance the student experience and increase engagement.


Students are more likely to engage with the lecturer, using Twitter informally. They also have a platform to learn from one another (peer interaction).

Students have a tool to feedback to you on how the course is going and also to contribute to the course. When you do something good, they are quick to reward you for it.

Here are some student comments:

...very engaging with the students and creative. He was the only lecturer who used Twitter so efficiently and the introduction of the interaction lectures were by far the greatest motivation for me to come to lectures...
The twitter was also brilliant especially for clearer understanding. I did not have to personally ask any questions through twitter, as reading all the tweets from other students automatically answered all my queries and using the hashtag made finding tweets ... easy and painless.