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Student Generated Content

Student Generated Content

The University of Glasgow uses the following definition of 'Student Generated Content':(SGC) "The development and dissemination of content with an educational purpose, authored by students".

The term SGC can include students on a course creating content for other student on similar courses. It can also be defined in broader terms. The main point is: the content is authored by students.

The Faculty of Humanities has many examples where students have generated content. To find some of these examples in our blended learning pages, please search for 'Student Generated Content' by selecting this term from the drop down list named 'Theme', using the left side menu on this page.

Students can use a wide varity of eLearning tools, within a number of teaching approaches, to generate content. Our examples cover the use of tools such as

  • Blackboard wikis, journals
  • Specialist tools e.g. GLOMaker, Prezi
  • Short videos, podcasts


The main benefits of designing assessments that require students (either individually or in groups) to make learning resources are as follows:

  • increases student engagement
  • improves learning effectiveness
  • creates products of lasting value