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The Use of Online Clips in a Large Course Unit

The Use of Online Clips in a Large Course Unit

See it in action:

Over the last few years Ralf started to make extensive use of online clips in his delivery of a large, quantitative course unit (ECON20110 Econometrics). Ralf has now accumulated a large amount of additional material (mostly) online clips that enable him to radically rethink what he does, both in tutorials and lectures.

The changes are not only challenging how he deliver his teaching, but perhaps even more so how he expect students to study. Unsurprisingly, these expectations and reality do not match up well, leaving him with the realisation that a large part of his job as a lecturer is to motivate students to work in a timely fashion.

Therefore, the technical innovation has eventually led him back to the most vital task of a lecturer, that is to enthuse students. But the fact that he now largely uses online clips to deliver material/content gives him more time in lectures to focus on this task.

Below is an example of Ralf's use of online clips, posted to YouTube.

Camtasia can be used for creating online clips, as Ralf and Tracy explain in the presentation, titled 'On Using Camptasia' given at the July 2015 Showcase (see box on the right).


Student comments reflecting the benefits of developing online clips

I think that the online clips were brilliant; they really helped me to understand the theory, and practice the questions at my own pace.
the questions before the tutorial and the accompanying videos were brilliant.