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Law, Gender and Sexuality

Law, Gender and Sexuality

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  • Laws, Gender, Sexuality

    Laws, Gender, Sexuality

    Screencast walk-through of Neil's LAWS31091 course.

Neil engages his students through good use of a variety of tools and activities, including Blogs within the Blackboard site and externally, polls and a Twitter feed.

  • The material is presented in a very clear and consistent way.
  • Feedback is a strong feature of the course, including the provision of audio feedback for summative assignments.
  • The online environment adds real value and enriches the teaching and learning on this course.


Neil made good use of online polling to allow students to compare their own views with other students and the general public… I've found it much easier to navigate around the LGS Blackboard than many other subjects' sites. Neil encouraged us to visit the Blackboard site and really got us to engage with the subject and other students via the site.