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Blended Learning Examples

Medical Spanish

Medical Spanish

See it in action:

  • Examen del Aparato Respiratorio (Medical Spanish)

    Examen del Aparato Respiratorio (Medical Spanish)

    Spanish speaking doctors demonstrate a patient examination.

  • Medical Spanish promotional video

    Medical Spanish promotional video

    A short video explaining the benefits of the Medical Spanish module to potential students.

This course is an example of how a mainstream course can exploit multimedia. It makes extensive use of video and audio, as well as other visual elements, to support the teaching and learning of Spanish in the medical environment. It was directed at both on-campus and year-out students. Multimedia was used to support medical language learning by providing:
  • copyright-free video and audio material - specific to medical language and terminology
  • Spanish translations for problem-based learning methods


  • Help students acquire the core knowledge which is a necessary foundation for work placements
  • Developing independent study
  • Consolidating students' understanding of materials and encouraging better performance
  • Raising interest and attention on a topic by introducing multimedia
  • Re-usability: videos can be made available for future years
  • Helping students gauge how well they are doing. Developing students' awareness of their own command of the Spanish language