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Piloting eFeedback on Handwritten Exams

Piloting eFeedback on Handwritten Exams

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LAWS10432 Psychology, Crime and Criminal Justice
Personalised Learning and Academic Advising, Feedback and marking, Assessment

Examination remains one of the major forms of summative assessment across Faculty. Timeliness and quality of feedback on examinations is not only a challenge in large cohorts but arguably a key contributor to student satisfaction and attainment.

A small pilot conducted in Criminology shows that electronic delivery of feedback increases student engagement with feedback provided on examinations.


  • increase in the rate of collection of student feedback
  • low anxiety and risk
  • time efficiencies can be made from emarking
  • once marked, grades can be returned more quickly
  • grades and comments can be uploaded from Excel, making offline marking an option
  • student satisfaction
  • convenience
  • no physical collection of feedback required
  • retention of comments