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Potential of Tutor Blogging

Potential of Tutor Blogging

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  • Tutor Blogging

    Tutor Blogging

    This presentation was given at the January 2015 Humanities Showcase.

This presentation shares the authors thinking, motivations and reflections on the potential for using a blog to stimulate learning for practitioner students on an industry led modular masters course, delivered by blended learning.

Whilst the module teaching materials on the virtual learning environment (VLE) (Blackboard) are “mature”, the diagnostic data indicate that the VLE is being used mainly as a repository. This issue is explored.

The tuition is shared with a colleague, who is very actively interacting with students via email. The author explains how he is developing a blog on a Wordpress platform and how he is beginning to deploy this on three similar masters modules. The presentation is reflective and attempts to be self-critical.