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Enhancing Fieldwork Learning with Mobile Technologies

Enhancing Fieldwork Learning with Mobile Technologies

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Mobile technologies are increasingly affordable, and popularity and their use has grown significantly in recent years. Within a higher education learning context, these technologies provide an excellent opportunity to enhance student learning and engage students in research.

As part of the Higher Education Academy Enhancing Fieldwork Learning Project, iPads were just one of many devices, which were used to facilitate mobile learning in the field. The application of this device will be the focus of this presentation.

However, different fieldwork environments provide rich information about how students perceive the benefits and drawbacks of using these mobile learning devices. Primarily, students used the iPads to take photographs, video, browse the web, enter raw data and as a tool to aid reflection, through tweets and short videos. Students reported on the pitfalls (e.g. 3G connection) and practical aspects (e.g. easy to use; saves time) as well as intellectual benefits (e.g. aided real-time fieldwork reflections).

Case studies, from Iceland, Spain, Italy and New York field courses will span the breadth of the Geography discipline and provide examples of how students' learning was facilitated through using these mobile devices.


Mobile technologies facilitated engagement and group interactions and helped develop graduate level skills such as rapid information gathering, networking, creativity, digital literacies, reflection and independent learning.