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Skills and Guidance for Archaeology and Museology Students

Skills and Guidance for Archaeology and Museology Students

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This project is part of the wider ambition covering 'Enhancing Experience and Employability in Archaeology'.

The aim is to supplement Archaeological skills, valued by employers, that are only briefly touched upon in the curriculum, thereby enhancing employability.

A series of online learning resources will be created which are exceptional in their potential to provide an independent learning resource for students.


The interactive resources (developed using Articulate Storyline) combine images, video clips and activities. Importantly, the resources can be viewed on a desktop, mobile device or tablet.

Once developed, these resources can then be deployed :

  • as stand-alone online learning modules embedded in the Archaeology Society website, and
  • as learning modules integrated into Blackboard for specific undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Archaeology and the MA in Art Gallery and Museum Studies