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Online Synchronous Delivery using GoToMeeting

Online Synchronous Delivery using GoToMeeting

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    GoToMeeting Academics Feedback

    Academic testimonial on the benefits of using GoToMeeting.

  • Guide for using GoToMeeting on mobile platforms


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GoToMeeting is an online tool for video conferencing and desktop sharing. It can be used for remote office hour meetings, flipped classroom teaching and remote supervision sessions.

An important advantage of the tool is that students and colleagues can join a video meeting without needing accounts or any software installation, making it very easy to use.

Following a Faculty eLearning project exploring the usefulness of GoToMeeting, a number of academic colleagues give their views and thoughts about the affordances of this software.


To summarise the main benefits reported
  • it can be very useful for PG student supervision, especially where students are remote from the campus, perhaps out of the country altogether
  • students seem to be positive about using it
  • it has clear uses for blended and distance learning
  • reduces the need for travelling (for both supervisors and students)
  • allows attendance at events that would otherwise not be possible

It is fair to say also that the academics found some teething problems with GoTo Meeting

  • call quality can be variable at times
  • possible bandwidth issues in some areas

Overall, the academics gave the thumbs up to GoToMeeting, advising colleagues to try it out. To read the detailed testimonials, please click the PDF under 'See it in Action'.