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Using Video and Groups to support student choice

Using Video and Groups to support student choice

See it in action:

  • Using Videos to support student choice

    Screengrab from GEOG20621 where videos are used to support students in making their options choices.

"As the coordinator for the Year 2 Skills for Geographers unit, which has almost 200 students, I wanted to make the best use of Blackboard to communicate in a clear way the key aspects of the course. Students who take the course must choose three out of ten research skills workshops, ranging from interview skills to environmental monitoring and GIS. Rather than ask eight members of staff to come along to our first lecture in Week 1, I thought they could introduce themselves to the students via a quick video. Therefore I simply filmed the workshop leaders on my phone, uploaded the videos to the university's Video Library Service (VLS), and within 24 hours I was able to stream these videos using a link on the Blackboard site. This means that students can now consult the videos as they decide which workshops to choose. It also looks really neat, and adds some much-needed colour and variety to the Blackboard site.

The e-learning team were incredibly helpful in training me up on how to do this. They've helped me to get more of the potential out of Blackboard, with the students benefitting from an enhanced elearning unit."

Ross Jones, course leader for GEOG20261


There are a number of benefits:
  • Students can revisit the videos as and when needed in the options period.
  • Ross was able to record the short videos at times that suited his colleagues.
  • Only an iPhone was required to record the videos. This is a low-cost, innovative and yet easy solution that allows a large number of students to access information from a number of lecturers.
The videos have been uploaded to a secure area of the VLS (https://stream.manchester.ac.uk) so they are only available to UoM staff and students.

Blackboard groups were used to support the workshop sign-up meaning students could sign-up as soon as they had watched the videos. Also administration is easier for the course team.