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AMBS Interactive Teaching Tools

AMBS Interactive Teaching Tools

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This project was developed for an Alliance Manchester Business School course in Accounting and Finance. The project centred on converting a number of traditional lecture slides into interactive teaching tools that could be used both inside and outside the lecture. They allow greater student engagement and understanding and give the tutor an indication of student understanding of the subject matter. The project looked at using elements of 'The Flipped Classroom' approach to teaching.

Tools used included interactive topics and Responseware polling, all accessible across platforms: computer, mobile and tablet devices.


  • Flipping the Classroom: resources were released to students prior to the lecture. This allowed students to familiarise themselves with the subject, access the interactive tools and prep them for any in-class activities
  • Explaining diagrams step-by-step
  • Adding animation to build diagrams
  • Using 'drag and drop' elements (to construct and explain diagram and for quiz activity)
  • Explaining subject through case studies
  • Providing feedback and tracking of completion of resource
The project was completed at the start of Semester 2 2014-15. In terms of disseminating the project, Julian Jones and Jonny Crook presented this project at the July 2015 Teaching and Learning Showcase and presented at the ALT-C conference in September 2015 at University of Manchester.