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Camille - Cultural Awareness Modules to Improve the Language Learning Experience

Camille - Cultural Awareness Modules to Improve the Language Learning Experience

The online course was born with the aim of developing a better learning environment for culture acquisition for both specialist and non-specialist students of Italian in preparation for their Year Abroad experience.

One of the course tutors, Elena Polisca, describes Camille:

Prior to setting the Blackboard section, students were asked to note areas of interest within Italian culture on which they liked to learn more. From the questionnaire results, a survey and selection of resources were carried out with an emphasis on their use and integration within Italian culture modules.

The resources that were developed are a blend of interactive tasks designed to improve awareness of Italian culture, and develop linguistic skills and independent study. The site is built as a media-rich environment grouping together videos, sound clips, main texts, cultural and linguistics exercises and extra material. The modules are therefore interactive and user-friendly, entirely based on authentic material.

In doing so the course supports existing core language modules beyond the classroom by deploying a focus on culture.

Ad-hoc culture modules at different levels of ability were created; with the potential to be also used in class or set as homework.


  • Reusability
  • Engaging students in evaluating their own knowledge
  • Motivation and personalisation
  • Help students acquire the core cultural knowledge which is a necessary foundation to more advanced learning and understanding of their subject