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Introduction to Sociolinguistics

Introduction to Sociolinguistics

See it in action:

A series of 10 interactive exercises were developed for the course 'Introduction to Sociolinguistics', dealing with language data, graphs, language and audio. The resources are to be used post-reading, and allow students to apply and build upon their knowledge and learn in their own time. The project was developed by working closely with an academic who supplied the subject content.

  • Initial meeting to discuss thoughts and ideas - Working with the academic
  • Storyboarding the exercises - discussing what is possible, best methods and elearning approach (software, tools etc)
  • Detailed explanation of exercises from academic notes including data and additional resources (eg. audio files)
  • Development of prototypes, then final versions with constant reviews and guidance from academic
  • Release resources to students through Blackboard


  • Enables students to read and extend what they heard in lectures in their own time
  • Allows concepts discussed in readings and lectures to be practiced in interactive exercises
  • Gives immediate, individual feedback to students