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Surveying: Using a Level

Surveying: Using a Level

See it in action:

This interactive learning resource on the use of a level was designed for physical geography students. The resource was designed to be used in the field i.e. on field trips on portable touchscreen devices and/or to allow students to brush up on the topic at home or in campus.

The resource uses animation, images, video clips to show students the equipment used, how to set up the equipment, how to undertake a survey using a level/sight and filling out the appropriate chart (backsight, foresight readings etc).

The tool requires active participation from students, includes exercises and interactive data input sections with automated feedback.


  • Clear, simple resource that teaches the topic effectively through animation and visual step by step guides.
  • Through interactive data input exercises and feedback, the tool helps students to test their understanding of the topic
  • Re-usability
  • Facilitates the consolidation of students\' understanding of course materials, promoting better performance, self-testing and autonomous learning.