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Blended Learning Examples

Student created interactive language resources

Student created interactive language resources

See it in action:

Modal particles are a linguistic feature of German, used to express the speakers attitude to what is being said. Classroom study rarely covers this topic, so a new eLearning resource was developed by German language students. GLO Maker was used to develop an engaging, interactive resource, using video, audio and quizzes. The intended audience were fellow University-level students of German. GLO Maker allowed the students to record samples of German speakers to illustrate the use of modal particles and also enriched the learning by including selected film clips from YouTube where the actors dialogue involved modal particles

Further example GLOs produced during 2011-12


  • Fil Nereo, the course leader, designed his course using enquiry-based learning as the teaching & learning approach.This involved students working collaboratively to both research the problem to be tackled and choose the appropriate eLearning tool to use.
  • Students used the free GLO Maker tool to develop the interactive resource, which was uploaded into their Blackboard course and to the University media server for wider viewing.

The students researched opinions about the value of the eLearning tool.

All grammar work should be done like this, far more fun than conventional grammar books!

It was brilliant...very simple and easy to use.


  • Greatly developed their understanding of German linguistics by active engagement, problem-solving learning compared with traditional book-learning
  • Added to their employability by honing their teamwork, communication and technical skills by working collaboratively. Identifying a current, real-life problem, and planning, developing & evaluating their solution to it
  • Developed a valuable eLearning resource for future language students