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Presentation software: Slideshare

Presentation software: Slideshare

Slideshare is a website (www.slideshare.net) where you can make your PowerPoint presentations (or other files such as PDFs) available to the public (or a private group of people should you wish to pay a subscription for the service). You could think of it as "YouTube but for presentations". Take a look - the site is searchable and you might find something of interest to you and/or your students. Once presentations are available in slideshare viewers can post comments. You might consider using it to add a presentation you gave at a conference, or your students might use it as part of their group study.

Tips for use

  • The usual tips for PowerPoint presentations apply: less is more and the right imagery and branding is important
  • Look at the most popular slideshare presentations for inspiration on how best to present
  • If you are adding audio to your presentation, remember to include gaps. This functionality is good but you do need to spend some time aligning the speech to the slides.

Integrating with your course
Blackboard 9 makes it simple to add Slideshare presentations to your online course presence. Find the link under Build Content>Mashups. Instructions can be found in an interactive Blackboard video


  • Slideshare.net has a really easy to use interface which means that someone is more likely to view the presentation
  • It is the most popular presentation sharing platform and also allows you to add audio to your presentations
  • It allows you to solicit feedback (although we haven't really utilised this)
  • You can tag presentations to make it easier for individuals to find your presentations in searches
  • You can clearly see how many people have viewed your presentation
  • You can easily embed the presentation into a website, blog or your own LinkedIn profile
  • It gives us another channel by which students and employers can access information
  • It allows us to present information in a user-friendly way