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Exams guidance and feedback on the Sociology student hub

Exams guidance and feedback on the Sociology student hub

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This presentation introduced two related TESS initiatives within Sociology:

  1. the creation of a student hub (a Blackboard 'Organisation') aimed to improve student engagement with the discipline area and to increase communication channels (using online office hours for example);
  2. the development of a space within the hub for advice and feedback on assessment.

The presentation demonstrated resources we created for exams guidance; in particular, using Camtasia Studio to create movies for Blackboard. It also discussed the use of the site for group-based oral feedback from lecturers on exam performance. We give an indication of the main obstacles encountered, the student feedback to date, and our future plans for the site.


Sociology's NSS score for the JACS subject area increased by 31% from 2010 to 2011 (24% for academic support and 21% for personal development).