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Using online journals as a tool for learning

Using online journals as a tool for learning

See it in action:

All three of the presenters have had experience of using the Journal tool in BB9 this current academic year on various course units both at UG and Masters level.

Journals can serve the valuable purposes of (i) helping students to engage critically with their own research practice and (ii) making explicit for them the wide range of new knowledge and experience they unconsciously acquire through conducting research. What we've aimed to do is to make using journals purposeful for students. Through assigning tasks associating journal entries to specific course content, a journal can potentially become a strategic tool for learning.

We will outline the diverse ways that our students have been using journals as part of their research on different programmes in the School of Education and what we as tutors have learned so far from our experience of setting up, managing and assessing students' work with journals.


Here are some student comments on the process:

The idea of having these journal entry formats has sparked a great deal of reflection from beginning to end. I tried to post after every step and now I see how useful this task will be for my assignment.

I think it definitely helped me to get my head clear so as to what was expected of me during this research process.

I believe I will refer to the [reflective journal] when I write up my assignment and particularly to jog my memory about what I thought at the time and what problems I encountered.