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Supporting students who create learning resources

Supporting students who create learning resources

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Arts, Languages & Cultures
GERM20472 Innovative Approaches to Deutsch als Fremdsprache
Enquiry-based learning, Assessment, Collaboration and Peer learning, Online Teaching Ideas, Student Generated Content

The eLearning team supported students on the 2nd Level German Language course INNOVATIVE APPROACHES TO DEUTSCH ALS FREMDSPRACHE, GERM 20472. Students worked collaboratively to develop an electronic resource for language learning.

Students used the GLOMaker tool to make an interesting, multimedia resource, including quizzes, audio files and videos, very suitable for language students.

Although creating interactive multimedia resources can be technically demanding, the GLOMaker tool made the task much simpler.

This exemplar draws on the work described in 'Student created interactive language resources'


One of the main benefits of this approach may be that a richer form of student assessment is provided by using a collaborative, enquiry-based teaching & learning method.

One student commented that 'this module has a variety of different tasks, elements and activities, from the creation of the GLO tool ... the poster ..., the reflective logs and the final report.'

Difficult issues had to be faced by students e.g. how to delegate individual tasks and how to cope with a new piece of software (GLOMaker).

Judging from the end products, all the student teams dealt with these issues in a very mature manner