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Interaction in Lectures with Mobile Devices - Some Evidence

Interaction in Lectures with Mobile Devices - Some Evidence

The talk presented evidence collected from students exposed to two different responseware vehicles that enable interaction in lectures using mobile devices and how this learning tool effected the overall satisfaction of students in their learning experience.

The session also demonstrated a live interaction session for participants through their mobile phones or web enabled devices to show how responseware works in practice.

Paul summed up with some open comments from the students on the use of in-lecture interaction and they discuss how they aim to imbed these sessions more frequently in future courses. Participants were given details and advice on how to adopt this technology themselves.

Click here to see an earlier presentation (July 2011 Showcase). His earlier trial piloted the use of mobile internet devices with the turning point web application downloaded to remove the physical need for a handset, which is logistically difficult to support.


Both of these competing technologies deliver interaction in lectures using students own mobile devices. Both have proved to work feasibly in large scale use.

Student Comments:

"Brilliant idea. We often turn to our phones when we lose concentration/interest or when the lecture becomes incomprehensible so I think including our devices will keep us alert and participating, as well as checking if our understanding is correct."