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Audiobook - a teaching idea

Audiobook - a teaching idea

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  • Audiobooks

    This index page lists the student-created audiobooks from the TESS project, used in SPLA 30210.

    The audiobooks can be downloaded from this page.

    The November issue of Teaching and Learning News features Audiobooks as a Teaching idea (see page 3).

    You may also wish to read this TESS poster for this project, which gives further details.

The aim was to encourage reading literature for pleasure, to enhance wider cognitive development and to develop wider transferable skills. The idea was to integrate a sample of student-written stories into the language curriculum.

The participants were tasked with creating their own audiobook and making it available as downloadable media.


Student participants valued the creative opportunities and the ability to practice their writing, oral and aural skills in this innovative project. Personalised learning was effectively addressed in this project.

One student commented:
I loved the Audiobooks project. It was touted as a fun extra module that would be beneficial and, although the fun element did disappear quite quickly as the workload came, I really enjoyed the classes and the opportunity to do something creative. Although it was extra work, I am sure my Spanish has benefited even a little and I would recommend it to other final year students.