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Enhanced lecture material in Blackboard, using podcasts and quizzes

Enhanced lecture material in Blackboard, using podcasts and quizzes

Arts, Languages & Cultures
LALC10221 Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology: The Sounds of English
Personalised Learning and Academic Advising, Teaching Awards
Audio Production and Delivery

This Blackboard course included a wealth of material, with a clear relationship to the face-to-face teaching, clear descriptors, guidance and signposting.

Significant student activity and interaction was encouraged,with lecture material enhanced with detailed analysis and podcasts, so students can review and learn in more depth. Students then use this material for tutorial tasks, which are uploaded to the discussion board. Outcomes were discussed in tutorials and seminars and feedback was given. In addition there were quizzes to test progress, mock exam questions, and readings, all clearly laid out and described. A general discussion board provided speedy tutor responses to all queries.


One student commented:

After every lecture a comprehensive set of lecture notes would be uploaded on to Blackboard that were incredibly useful and helpful towards my understanding of the subject. Quizzes with feedback and the opportunity to discuss tutorial tasks were also vital. A sample exam was provided early on in the course and we were talked through it in depth as well as numerous useful links and constant updates from Wiebke. Without her and the resources she provided I would have never have achieved a 1.1 in the final exam. Thank you!!!!!!