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Enhancing Blackboard by using discussion boards and voice tools

Enhancing Blackboard by using discussion boards and voice tools

Arts, Languages & Cultures
ULSP10010 Beginners Spanish
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Weekly schedule outlines clarified how students were expected to use Blackboard and explained to students what topics were to be covered and expectations for student work and how they should use Blackboard.

Use of Discussion boards, voice boards for activities and feedback.


One student commented:

Maria uses Blackboard in our lessons to direct us to useful pages and information. Everything is well organised and easy to find unlike some other modules where it can take me hours to find a document. Maria encourages us to learn about the Spanish culture and has links on Blackboard to films we could watch. I have my Spanish written exam today and Maria made it so much easier for me by splitting the workload up into week by week folders so I could see exactly what I needed to do. Maria encourages us to email our work to her so she can correct it and put it on Blackboard so that everyone's work is shared which is really useful for us to see how each other are doing too. Maria also puts mini-tests on Blackboard so that we can test ourselves as we go along, and ensures that everything we need in order to pass our exams (and more) is on Blackboard.