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Blended Learning Examples

Group tasks using discussions, wikis on a blended learning course

Group tasks using discussions, wikis on a blended learning course

Arts, Languages & Cultures
GERM20362 Culture and Dictatorship in 20th Century Germany
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Students were given clear expectations about how the f2f and online activities fitted (blended) together. Online activities included group tasks using wikis, discussion boards. Journals were used for student personal reflection.

Turnitin GradeMark was used to provide extensive feedback to students on their written work, using inline and general comments.


Student reactions were very positive:

Firstly the module itself involves a high amount of groupwork which is used to help us engage more with the tasks and others and allows us to take on bigger tasks than we could alone. Through the journal we get to reflect and evaluate our own involvement in the course, our understanding and our place and work in the group as well as evaluating the course itself and our group. It's also helpful because we get direct feedback from the lecturer which we would not otherwise get, in terms of where our self directed study is going as well as how we are getting along with the other members of the group, how our project is going and how we can further improve any other skills. Overall it's been an invaluable tool to help, assist and deliver guidance to groups when otherwise we would have been left to our own devices.