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Blended Learning Examples

Blended learning activities to support tutorials

Blended learning activities to support tutorials

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  • Econometrics


    Screencast walk-through of Ralf's Econometrics course.

Social Sciences
ECON20110 Econometrics
Teaching Awards

Ralf Becker used a series of techniques to help students on these courses: preparing for a tutorial tasks with pre-tutorial work, including a video clip specifically created for reference and guidance.

Once again, The main wow factor in Ralf's course are the video clips he's produced which show the various steps in solving equations and other problems.

The courses included self-test quizzes, lecture audio recordings, deliberately incomplete lecture notes; other video clips explaining difficult concepts from the lectures; extra online self-test activities (problem sets); a well used general Discussion Board with quick and detailed tutor responses.

Once again, Ralf's courses Econometrics courses have been highly commended in the Best of Blackboard competition for 2012-13.

For ECON10062 the Introduction to Statistics course, the general discussion board was well-used. Each topic had supplemental lecture material, explanatory video clips, quizzes, related external resources; video material was embedded in the course as well as audio files from an external lecturer.


Once again, students have found significant benefit in the abilty to watch the video clips on-demand. And from the staff perspective, Ralf advises that the clips be made as reusable as possible, by being short, theme-based and generic in nature.

One student commented:

The course has been genuinely excellently taught. Ralf put significant effort in making online videos to take us through difficult maths step by step. It has really made the difference not only in my understanding but also my enjoyment of the course. Non-compulsory online tests help guide learning and concentrate on weaker areas. While I still believe the content of the course to be difficult and challenging, because of these online videos and non-compulsory tests I have not felt daunted by the workload. The PASS groups are also an excellent initiative set up where past students aid in current students' learning. The notice board is routinely checked by Ralf and its use has been encouraged. The result of this is a framework of students willing to help each other to gain a better understanding. Past exam papers are provided with incomplete but guided solutions to help identify which exact areas require greater study.
Furthermore, seminars were wonderfully organised - students had a task beforehand and answers to it in a video clip, and similar but unforeseen exercise in seminar - perfect for extra practice, self-check and exam preparation!