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Blended Learning Examples

Using Clickers, Quiz, Video and enhanced student feedback

Using Clickers, Quiz, Video and enhanced student feedback

In a large class (typically 400 students) the tutors aimed to offer a more sophisticated and student-focused module, as well as making the whole learning process a rewarding and enjoyable experience for their students.

Tutors used a variety of assessment and lecture enhancements, including:

  1. Quizzes for students to use in their own time
  2. Clickers for in-lecture assessment and feedback
  3. Videos, which would aim to enhance the engagement of students
  4. Electronic feedback on Blackboard via Grademark


These different techniques made the teaching process an enriching experience. The use of clickers met with the approval of a significant proportion of our students and we have evidence of a widespread use of videos and quizzes. Attendance was remarkably high throughout the whole semester and impressive in revision lectures.