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Reconstructing the Past: the importance of the Visual

Reconstructing the Past: the importance of the Visual

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Arts, Languages & Cultures
ARGY10121 Introduction to European Archaeology
Enquiry-based learning, Assessment, Feedback and marking, Student engagement in class

One of the main goals of this project was to highlight the vital role of visual resources to Archaeology studies.

Another goal was to diversify our assessment methods, and improve the way in which students use and reference images in their work.

A further aim was to improve student awareness of the rich skills-set they acquire during their degree, and to enable them to articulate these to potential employers after graduation.


The formative assessments developed in Blackboard were greatly appreciated by students, though participation rates might have been higher if a grade was attached.

Students appreciated the supportive tutorial and research materials, which made them think more critically about the use of images in archaeology, and felt more confident about including illustrations in their future work.