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Using MCQ to enhance student learning, engagement and feedback

Using MCQ to enhance student learning, engagement and feedback

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Arts, Languages & Cultures
ENGL20492 Writing, Identity and Nation
Assessment, Feedback and marking, Funded projects

This TESS 2010/11 project set out to improve the processes of student learning, engagement and feedback in English and American Studies by embedding an online multiple-choice test in a popular Level 2 course, Writing, Identity and Nation, which recruits upwards of 100 students per year.

The aim was to provide more timely formative feedback to students, instead of having them wait for formal feedback after writing their essays.

A key aim of the project was to deter students from random guessing of the answers. Students had to rate their answers in terms of their 'confidence level' by selecting either confident, semi-confident, or not confident.


The following benefits of the MCQ tests were noticed:

  1. the provision of immediate feedback helped student motivation to keep up with the weekly reading.
  2. allowing multiple attempts meant students could retake the test after further rereading and revision.
  3. taking the tests exposed gaps in knowledge and understanding at an early stage in the course helped learning.
More than two thirds (69%) of the students who responded to a test-specific questionnaire said they found the test helpful or very helpful.