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Monitored Independent Language Learning in Large Cohorts

Monitored Independent Language Learning in Large Cohorts

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  • Monitored Independent Learning

    Monitored Independent Learning

    This is the TESS poster for Monitored Independent Learning.

  • Monitored Independent Learning presentation

    Morton TESS Presentation (2)

    Presentation to TESS Workshop June 2011 (Powerpoint)

Independent Language Learning (ILP) was encouraged by weekly activities including reflective tasks and action planning that built towards a portfolio of completed tasks. Marking of such detailed portfolios, in a large cohort, is too time-consuming to be done individually, so Blackboard was used to support these tasks.

This was an online strand to the Programme's Independent Language Learning approach. Weekly grammar and phonetics exercises were made available to students in Blackboard for a limited time, requiring students to complete 90% of the tasks over the year. Students received feedback for these exercises, via the self-tests.

Feedback for the translation exercises involved using OneNote on a Tablet PC (see poster).


The project was piloted in the following year, in terms of student perception of the learning experience. Please contact the tutors for details.