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Hear IT!

Hear IT!

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Arts, Languages & Cultures
ITAL10200 Italian Language Ab initio
Personalised Learning and Academic Advising, Funded projects

Both ITAL10200 and ITAL30200 involve substantial amounts of Italian language composition by students, resulting in a very heavy marking load for the tutor, considering that individual feedback was given by filling in the Schools feedback sheets.

One problematic issue was whether students actively did engage with the amount of formative and summative feedback given through both semesters.

For both year groups, an experimental test group received MP3 file recordings with comments from the tutor. The control groups received the same amount of feedback as the test groups: the test groups simply received feedback in a different format.


Audio recording did achieve its aim of cutting down the tutor time spent filling in forms!

Students perceive audio feedback as a more 'personal' experience compared with wriiten feedback.

Virtually all groups rated the feedback as either 'excellent' or 'good', regardless of the format: 92% of a test group rated the feedback as 'excellent', compared with an 'excellent' rating of 59% of students who received conventional feedback.