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The Education of Language Teachers

The Education of Language Teachers

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    Screencast walk-through of Dianne's EDUC70130 course.

Environment, Education and Development
EDUC70130 The Education of Language Teachers
Collaboration and Peer learning, Teaching Awards

Diane's teaching approach is based on Contructivism, which is suitable for this postgrad cohort of professional teachers offering varied opportunities to explore the subject and to submit work which fits their own professional setting.

As Diane explains "Professionally developing their teaching practice, they're already bringing a lot of knowledge to the context. They don't need a didactic, teacher-led approach. These teachers come from all over the world and are teaching at different levels and situations."

By offering a wide range of materials, well organised and attractively presented, Diane lays the groundwork for dynamic discussions for students to build their own learning pathway. The students are encouraged to act independently and interact freely as the course progressed - "the students set up their own threads, they don't wait for me!"


As one student commented:

"Diane Slaouti takes a personal interest in the student's progress, encouraging their individual exploration of the topic, and providing timely critical feedback ... In Diane's hands, Blackboard becomes more than simply a content delivery system, and is the path on which we make our own journeys of discovery!"