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French Language and Life

French Language and Life

See it in action:

  • WOW factor in French Grammar

    This presentation was given at the June 2013 Humanities Showcase.

  • WOW Jing

    WOW Jing

    Screencast of a sample of annotated feedback from Annie.

Arts, Languages & Cultures
FREN10210 French Language Learning and Life
Assessment, Feedback and marking, Teaching Awards

We rarely see a course with such a distinct and exciting structure as this. Students are directed, week by week, to reading materials, videos, exercises, external resources and self-testing quizzes which give them a very clear framework for progress.

Annie and Olivier strive for a balance in the course between a clear and firmly-directed weekly structure and a friendly, approachable tone. Announcements and discussions often use less formal language to put students at ease and to give a sense of the personal. In conversation with Annie, it is clear that she cares that her students feel welcomed and supported "It is important to make them feel that they are individuals within this great big course".

Annie has embraced screen recording this year as a method for providing rich and engaging feedback. For translation examples she records the screen and narrates as she annotates samples of work with a stylus (giving the appearance of handwriting). Aiming to be both fun and engaging as well as pedagogically sound, this approach offers a compelling experience to students with differing learning styles.


Student commented:

The WOW (weekly online work) and ILP (independent learning program) encourage me to work regularly and systematically, something with which I would normally have trouble.
I was very impressed with the variety of sources available for the independent learning and the fact that they were fun activities to do.
Annie's Blackboard site is impeccably organised, thorough and fun ... Feedback is given after each WOW (weekly online work) is completed and you can track your progress easily. I can't fault it!
The instructions for homework are always very clear and I always know I can rely on these instructions being there.