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What is eLearning?

eLearning Reviews and Reports

eLearning report 2012/2013: highlights activity of the Faculty eLearning team in 2012-13 giving examples of the support we provide. It will be of use to anyone interested in eLearning within the Faculty.

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eLearning aims to facilitate learning through the use of information and communications technology. It provides the student with easy access to learning materials anywhere and at anytime. Student progress can be monitored and assessed and evaluation and feedback provided online.

eLearning can cover a range of approaches, from the provision of basic support, to blended courses (a combination of both traditional and electronic methods), to courses that are delivered completely online.

A variety of technologies may be used to support eLearning objectives. These technologies may include:

Whatever your choice of approach and technology the Teaching & Learning team can provide help to support you employing eLearning in your area.

Interaction with Mobile DeviceseLearning Posters and Leaflets - be inspired!

This series of posters created by the eLearning Team draws on feedback and comments from staff and students across the Faculty. Find out what people think is a good resource, and which resources students most enjoy using. Pick up tips and hints for course development across all areas of eLearning.

TESS Posters

All the TESS Posters are grouped together here.

Top 10 Tips Posters

Focus on.. Posters and Leaflets

Overview Posters - what the eLearning Team can help you with

Last Reviewed: February 2012