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eLearning Resources

A number of resources are available to support and encourage the use of eLearning within the Faculty of Humanities. For this page we will be developing some guides, presentations, video and audio clips which support the use of specific tools, software, and teaching ideas which might form part of your elearning 'tool-kit'. There are also examples of how technology has been used and integrated into teaching and learning across the Faculty, on our Blended Learning Examples pages.

University Podcast (Lecture Capture) Service

The University of Manchester has deployed a highly automated system which allows teaching staff without video production experience to produce recordings of their lectures. No video cameras are used in the teaching environment, but instead the podcast system directly records the output of the projector and theatre microphones. To find out more about the service, including how and to use it, and what support is available, visit the My Podcasts webpages.

Organisation spaces in Blackboard

Guidance on when, why and how you might want to use an Organisation space to support students at programme, discipline and academic community level.

Faculty Teaching and Learning Discussion Board

A Humanities Teaching and Learning Discussion Board has been set up to provide a means to foster peer to peer support for online learning. The Teaching and Learning News bulletins will also be posted here. All you need to login is your University username and password. Follow the link from the menu on the left to find out more.

Unit Evaluation Questionnaires

Questions and answers for students, administrators and academics can be found on our UEQ links page.