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Turning Point Mobile - Software Upgrade

TurningPoint Mobile available from January 2018TurningPoint Mobile

From January 2018 a new version of TurningPoint/Responseware is available for Humanities staff.

Note that this upgrade does not affect staff who prefer to continue using TurningPoint with clickers alone i.e. instead of mobile devices (version 5).

What is TurningPoint Mobile?

Upgrading to TurningPoint Mobile will allow you to collect student responses with mobile devices, with response pads or with a combination of both. TurningPoint Mobile (version 8) integrates, into one tool, the mobile responding facilities of Responseware and the traditional response device method of TurningPoint.

What is new?

TurningPoint Mobile brings a variety of new features:

  • Enhanced user interface
  • Self-paced polling functionality available for mobile devices
  • Quicker presentation load times
  • Enhanced demographic and team reports
  • Word cloud display of student answers
  • Upgraded security and file encryption

When will TurningPoint Mobile be available?

TurningPoint Mobile is already available for download into your office PC or at home from the Software Centre. TurningPoint Mobile is being made available across teaching rooms in University Campus from 1st January 2018.

Why is this happening now?

Version 5 of TurningPoint was officially decommissioned at the end of December 2017. Despite so, you will be able to continue using TurningPoint5 with response pads in an offline manner (through a radio frequency receiver/dongle).

What do I need to do?

If you want to continue or start using mobile responding facilities you will need to upgrade to the most recent version of TurningPoint i.e. TurningPoint Mobile.
* Note that although it is not strictly necessary to remove your current version of TurningPoint (version 5) to install the most recent version, we recommend you to upgrade to the more recent version for its superior features.

Will the upgrade affect materials created in version 5?

You will be able to open and re-use presentations created in previous versions of TurningPoint. Slides using some specific question types may require conversion first time they are opened with the new version of the software. Following instructions on screen should allow the conversion with no further issue. 

Who can use TurningPoint Mobile?

Colleagues currently holding a Responseware licence will be able to use TurningPoint Mobile with no disruption in service. If you do not currently have a licence but would like to trial TurningPoint Mobile contact Humanities eLearning.

Guidance and Further information

Please see the following guides for help installing TurningPoint Mobile, what to expect the first time you use it, and how to get started generally with PowerPoint polling.

For further information about this upgrade and help with installing and using TurningPoint Mobile, please contact our Faculty of Humanities eLearning team.