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Faculty of Humanities Teaching Quality and Enhancement Funds (TQEF)

Examples of funded projects from previous years (2008-09 and previous)

Examples of projects that have received funding from the Faculty are included in the Faculty Funding Reports, below, and further details can be accessed via the Teaching and Learning Practice pages of this site. Successful projects to date have included:

  • Teaching quality and enhancement:- activities that will have a beneficial impact on student experience, education standards, employability and systems supporting teaching.
  • Curriculum innovation:- support for the introduction of new methods of teaching, learning and assessment.
  • Teaching sabbatical:- a teaching sabbatical will buy-out a member of staff from all but their research duties, with the aim of providing time for staff to redevelop their teaching without affecting research status.
  • Pedagogic research:- support for research on student learning.

Faculty Funding Report 2008-09

Faculty Funding Report 2007-08

Faculty Funding Report 2006-07

Faculty Funding Report 2005-06

Faculty Funding Report 2004-05