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Retention Funding 2008-09

In 2008-09 Schools were asked to bid for retention funding for projects involving disciplines, programmes or groups of students that would benefit from initiatives to improve retention.

Projects had to be new initiatives or enhancements to existing activity. Any initiatives put in place that required continual funding beyond 2008/09, would have to have continued resourcing from the School and that was required to be demonstrated in any bids. 

The projects funded reflected the theme of the Review of Undergraduate Education in terms of aiming to improve student learning and experience at Manchester.  Across the Faculty there has been a focus on being able to identify those students at risk of withdrawing from Higher Education (AHC, LLC and Law) and subsequently addressing the support that those individuals need. However, these schemes also benefit students who are not at risk with increased support and enhanced learning experience.  The projects have focused on a number of themes:


  • Study skills (SoSS, AHC, MBS, Education, SED) both embedded in the curriculum and extra-curriculum, but targeted at the student groups most in need of retention support (Education – part time and mature students).
  • Pre-arrival activity, communication and induction (AHC, SoSS, LLC) aimed at managing expectations, linking applicants with potential mentors and engaging with their programme/discipline before they arrive at Manchester so as to feel part of the programme/discipline community as soon as they get here.
  • Induction – extending induction activity into semester two with ‘refresher’ weeks and second year inductions (AHC, LLC)
  • Peer support – mentoring, PASS and bespoke peer support structures (SoSS, AHC, Law, SED, Combined Studies)
  • Revision and additional academic support (MBS)
  • Pastoral support (LLC, MBS)
  • Engaging students with their programme/discipline (Law, SED, Education, Combined Studies)
  • Language support for overseas students (Law)


Schools have submitted reports evaluating these projects and these are available below:

School of Arts, Histories and Cultures

School of Education

School of Environment and Development

School of Languages, Linguistics and Cultures

School of Law

Manchester Business School - Student Support Assistant - Report

Manchester Business School- Study Skills Formative Assessment and Maths Revision sessions - Report

School of Social Sciences

Combined Studies