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Retention Funding Projects 2010-11

The Faculty of Humanities was allocated £100,510 of Retention Funding for 2010-11 and made this available to Schools to support projects which will address retention and improve student experience.


Following three rounds of bidding to the Faculty’s retention funding, the Faculty was able to offer funds for projects under the following criteria:


    • that are focused on programmes where student retention is considered to be a concern in accordance with University statistics;
    • that aim to improve feedback to students and thus improve retention;
    • that aim to foster student identity;
    • that focus on aiding the transition from school to University.

The funds have been used to pilot or initiate new activities or to distinctly enhance existing activity.

The successful bids for funding during 2010-11 are available below. Full reports on the projects will be available from June 2011 onwards.

Retention projects funded in 2010-11

Centre for Combined Studies

  1. Student-led magazine for all Combined Studies courses (£400)
  2. Community Projects Support* (£3200)
  3. Peer Mentoring and Pass* (£1500)
  4. Generated Learning Objects* (£100)
  5. Academic Advisement Lunches* (£300)
  6. Pebblepad licences for PDP* (£4350)

*The outlines for projects 2 - 6 can be found here. Report

School of Arts, Histories and Cultures

  1. Short course: Introduction to the Ancient Languages (£1884) and Latin and Greek language workshops (£668) - Report
  2. Learning at your fingertips: increasing student retention through the use of object-based teaching to support different learning styles (£3400) Project outline and Project report
  3. Transforming History students' identity and improving transitions: an innovative approach (£3000)
  4. Mapping Manchester Digitally with University Teaching and Research (£6817)

School of Education

  1. Ketso Project (£5461). The project report is available here.
  2. Beyond Graduation (£4941). The project report is available here and you can view a draft of the newsletter here.
  3. UG Student Identity Scheme for BA Language, Literacy and Communcation programme (£2350). Click here for the project report
  4. BA Applied Community and Youth Work – Residential course (£4875). Click here for the project report.
  5. BSc Profound and Complex Learning Disabilities e-Newsletter (£1785). Click here for the project report.

School of Environment & Development / School of Social Sciences

  1. Enhancing the student experience and discipline identity in the Arthur Lewis Building (£19,353)

Manchester Business School

  1. Head of School Town Hall Student Experience Feedback Meeting and UG Event (£9030). An outline of the project and evaluation report is available here.
  2. Pilot PASS scheme (£3450). The PASS scheme did not run but the funding was used to enhance student social space in MBS East.
  3. Virtual Open Day (£8000). The project report is available here and you can directly access the resource via this link.


School of Languages, Linguistics and Cultures

  1. Undergraduate Personalised Learning Space (£4000). Click here for project report.

School of Law

  1. Enhancing student social spaces (£7000) - Report
  2. Exploring student perceptions of feedback in the School of Law. Click here for report.