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Retention Funding 2011-12

Retention Funding 2011-12: Project Outlines


MBS Student Bloggers: The blogs were produced by students and feature on the school website to help prospective students gain a real-life insight into what it is like to study at MBS.  Many applicants cannot attend on-campus recruitment or conversion events and never have the opportunity to meet current students.  Prospective students will be more informed and have a stronger insight into what it is like to study business and management at university level as well as the social aspect of life at Manchester.  https://undergraduateblogs.portals.mbs.ac.uk/

Looking forward:  transitions from degree to workplace (School of Education)

This project aimed both to support students as they look towards their final studies with the School and beyond, and to develop their sense of identity within the School as a whole as well as within their programmes. Looking Forward - Transition from Degree to Workplace

Enhancing student voice (School of Education)

This project contributes to building the student sense of identify at School as well as programme level.  Funding was sought to support an initiative to involve student representatives in exploring different ways of maintaining the communications between the student body, themselves and the School. The UG Director brought together current and new student representatives early in the semester to explore ways in which opportunities for two-way communication might be better facilitated. Enhancing Student Voices

Pilot international field trip (Manchester Business School)

From a research methodology perspective, the objective of the field trip will be to demonstrate country-level and company-level considerations, to aid students in understanding how to put into practice concepts of research methodology which they will need to utilize for their MSc dissertation. 

Focus on the formative in formative feedback: identifying implications for online marking practices through Gradebook  (School of Education)

This project aimed firstly to critically evaluate our formative feedback practices across UG programmes and explore how students make use of such feedback to enhance their learning; and secondly to use this opportunity to identify effective exploitation of TurnItIn Gradebook marking templates.  Focus on the Formative in Formative Feedback

Using Blended Learning to Support PGT Students’ Skills Training (Arts, Histories and Cultures)

The growth in the part-time student population poses a number of challenges which fall under the heading of ‘retention’. Some of these relate to patterns of socialization, and other strategies being pursued in the context of the creation of the new School of Arts, Languages and Cultures address these. This application focuses on the challenge of supporting skills development for these students. This is a challenge for three main reasons: they are a diverse group of students; their timetables make it difficult for them to access generic face-to-face training; and their rhythm of work is different from that of full-time students, so that they currently find that training is not available at the time when they need it. The project addresses this challenge by trying to develop a joined-up approach to three current issues: (a) provision of tailored training to a diverse body of students; (b) embedding e-learning more securely within the School’s PGT provision; (c) rethinking and developing the role of the academic advisor within PGT programmes.

iPad Trial on BSc Accounting (Manchester Business School)

The Programme Director for BSc Accounting is concerned about retaining students on the 4 year Accounting stream and requested support to invest in an exercise where the School would hold internship sessions for students, using ipads as a classroom resource so that students can undertake guided company research.

mbclick – An Interactive Response System for Large Lectures (Social Sciences)

Interactivity in lectures is seen as an important way of involving students in their learning.  Students are more enthusiastic and more engaged where the learning process is not “one way traffic” from lecturer’s notes  to students’.   Systems such as Turning Point, which interface with Powerpoint, offer one way of involving students more closely in their learning by allowing lecturers to construct interactive quizzes and assessments which students complete “live” in the lecture.  The problem with TurningPoint is that it is relatively cumbersome, requiring instructors to hand out and collect handsets (“clickers”) at the start and end of lectures.  This prohibits its widespread use in DAs with large numbers of students such as in Economics and Politics in the School of Social Sciences.  An alternative system which uses the students’ mobile phones or laptops, instead of clickers, to interact.  is  mbclick, a highly sophisticated system that provides the same or better functionality than more expensive commercial packages.  It allows for the provision of feedback to students which is still available to them after the lecture.  mbclick has been successfully piloted in Economics and the proposal is to fund the roll out of the mbclick system more widely across the School.

Development of online student handbook  (Manchester Business School)

MBS has delivered an online student handbook located at http://ug.mbs.ac.uk/intranet/secure/handbook/index.aspx  for all MBS undergraduate students, as well as for BA Econ students taking Accounting and Finance courses and all students who take our suite of BMaP courses for a number of years. They have actively gained feedback from MBS students via the student representative focus group over the last two academic cycles in relation to students’ access of the undergraduate intranet and in response wanted to develop the next phase of ensuring enhanced usability of the intranet - to develop a more interactive online handbook which has a searchable platform.  This project would benefit all MBS students as well as those within SoSS and Maths who take Accounting and Finance courses and all BMaP students. 

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