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Teaching and Learning Practice Forums

An online discussion and document sharing forum (provided by Clearspace software) has been created for the collation and dissemination of best practice in teaching and learning enhancement across the University. Staff can open up discussions and post queries concerning the enhancement of teaching and learning. Examples of documents considered as 'best practice' can also be submitted for staff to browse.

To go to the forums, please click the link below. You can log in using your usual University of Manchester username and password. A user guide can be accessed via the link to the left.

Teaching and Learning Enhancement (TALENT) Forums

Teaching and Learning Practice in Humanities

You can access content specific to the Faculty of Humanities by following the link below. The information provided has been organised around several teaching and learning themes.

Teaching and Learning Enhancement (TALENT) Forums - Humanities content

Within each of the thematic links you can find a selection of information and resources provided by previous Teaching and Learning Forum events, and projects and initiatives which are taking place within the Faculty, such as reports on bids funded by the Faculty's Teaching Quality and Enhancement Fund.

You can search for examples on a specific theme or area of practice (e.g. Assessment, eLearning) by selecting the relevant theme from the drop-down list titled 'space', running a keyword search, or selecting a particular 'tag'.

If you have any queries regarding the Clearspace forums, please contact Nicola Lord (nicola.lord@manchester.ac.uk) in the Humanities Teaching and Learning Office, or Miriam Graham (m.graham@manchester.ac.uk), Quality Enhancement Adviser in the Teaching and Learning Support Office.

Please visit our Teaching and Learning Forum page for a list of forthcoming events in the Faculty.