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Simon and Hallsworth Visiting Professorships

Guidance and applications

Eligibility and how to apply

Applications for the 2017/18 competition are now open. The deadline for nominations from schools is 19 January 2017.

Who's eligible?

Visiting Professorships are intended to enable eminent scholars with an international reputation to visit the University to assist in its research and teaching. Visiting Professorships are not open for personal application but instead for nomination by relevant schools/discipline areas at the University of Manchester.

Please note that in the event of funds being oversubscribed, visits from the following institutions (identified as priorities for the Faculty internationalisation strategy) will be prioritised: University of Copenhagen University of Amsterdam Indiana University NYU Shanghai Jiao Tong University Renmin University Beijing Normal University Cornell University University of Melbourne National University of Singapore

How to submit a nomination

In making a Visiting Professorship (VP) nomination, the School should submit an application form and short CV (max 2 pages) for each candidate.  Please download the application form.  Please send completed application forms to Laura Dobson ( by 19 January 2017. Decisions will be communicated to Schools by the end of February 2017.

Guidance on completing the application form

  1. The name of an academic point of contact responsible for hosting the visit.
  2. School hosting the visit.
  3. Name of proposed Visiting Professor
  4. Institution of proposed Visiting Professor
  5. Date of birth of proposed Visiting Professor (for HR)
  6. Confirmation that the School can host the VP (including study space).
  7. A paragraph that outlines how the proposed visit relates to the School's research agenda
  8. A list of the planned and provisional activities that the VP will undertake. This might include one or more of the following: presenting their research at an academic event (e.g. a high profile lecture, seminar or workshop to coincide with their visit); a masterclass or workshop for graduate students; being available for meetings with doctoral students; a contribution to undergraduate teaching; a public engagement event.
  9. The provisional dates of the visit
  10. Costing – budget plan for the visit, to be prepared in liaison with the School Research Support Office. Eligible costs are the expenses of the VP(s) (i.e. his/her travel to UK, within UK, accommodation, meals and any other reasonable research expenses incurred during the visit)

A short CV of the proposed visitor should also be attached.  Please note: the CV should be no more than two sides of A4.  Longer CVs will not be accepted.

Funding is normally available as follows:

  • Simon Visiting Professorships: Visits of 2-6 weeks duration 
  • Hallsworth Visiting Professorships: Visits of 2-12 weeks duration

The School/Discipline Area should ensure that the cost of the visit can be met from the amount requested.

Allocations will meet only the expenses of the VP(s) (i.e. his/her travel to UK, within UK, accommodation, meals and any other reasonable research expenses incurred during the visit).

Guidance on the rates permissible for accommodation and a list of suggested accommodation providers is available upon request from the Committee Secretary (

Recurrent visits will be considered by the committees but the nomination cases must have an exceptional rationale for two years funding and should involve a key collaborative project.

Colleagues are advised to liaise with their School Research Offices to prepare the budget before submitting nominations for VPs to Laura Dobson ( If Schools are submitting more than one VP nomination they are asked to rank their nominations.

Simon and Hallsworth Visiting Professorships: Post-award administration

Once nominations for VPs are approved by the Fellowship Committees, School contacts and Research Support Managers will be informed by the Secretary. The VP allocations are transferred to Schools when the central investment office has been informed. All expenses must be claimed against, or charged to this School account (i.e. a School may book accommodation for the VP in advance - in fact it is strongly recommended that Schools arrange and pay directly in advance for as much of the VP’s expenses as possible). Any additional expenses incurred by the VP during their visit will need to be reimbursed via the usual University expense form and be supported by appropriate receipts. School Research Support Managers can advise precisely on the arrangements.

Please note that a Visiting Professor is not paid a salary for the tenure of the Professorship. In special circumstances an honorarium may be paid, but this will not be a charge against the funds made available for that Professorship, or on the Hallsworth/Simon Fund that provides for Professorships.

Once visits are confirmed by the Committees, the Secretary sends all CVs and nomination statements to the relevant School Office, with a summary of VP allocations for the School. The School Office then sends an offer letter (including information on the allowance for expenses, School contact - generally the Research Development Manager and the academic champion - and the requirement to write a brief report for the HoS/HoD and Secretary) for the VP to sign and return.

HR require confirmation of the name, address, date of birth, and start and end dates for the visits in order to add VPs to the HR system and subsequently produce a staff card (for library access). The staff card will then enable the VP to obtain an email account (staff ID).

Responsibility of the nominating member of staff (the 'academic champion') and host School

The academic champion nominating the Visiting Professor will be responsible for management of the visit throughout the duration of the award. Following the approval of the application he or she will:

  • Contact the Visiting Professor on a regular and timely basis to ensure that the visit schedule is agreed and finalised well in advance of the visit commencing.
  • Ensure that the School Office are informed of start and end dates for the visit so that the appointment can be set up on the system and a staff card can be ready for the VP when he/she arrives.
  • Liaise with the respective school research office to seek advice and support on all practical and logistical aspects to the visit. This may include arranging suitable travel and accommodation for the visitor whilst in the UK; promoting any specific lectures, workshops or conferences associated with the visit or identifying suitable temporary office space should this be required.
  • Ensure that final reports are written and sent to the committee secretary following the agreed template and within four weeks of the completion of the visit. For examples of previous reports please contact Laura Dobson.
  • Provide periodic updates to the Simon and Hallsworth committees on any long term strategic and collaborative research agendas that may have arisen as a direct and/or indirect result of the visit
  • Liaise with the School Finance Office to ensure that funds have been transferred and that an account code has been established for relevant expenses claims.
  • In addition the committee secretary will keep a full schedule of the expected programme of visits for the forthcoming year and will contact the relevant academic champion and/or local research office two months prior to the commencement of the visit to ensure that planning is on track and to provide any additional advice to help the smooth running of the visit.

Further information