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The Manchester Q-Step Centre

2016 stories

Read about the experiences of our students who took part in a Q-Step paid summer internship. Each student's name links to a PDF with more detailed information relating to their internship.

  • Aaliyah Al-Aqel (Politics and International Relations) spent her internship looking at datasets of the British Election Survey.
  • Adrian Almassan (Law with Criminology) spent his internship at the Tyndall Centre looking at trends and drivers of end-use energy demand and the implications for managing energy in food supply chain.
  • Fernanda de Almeida Araujo (Politics, Philosophy and Economics) spent 8 weeks at Audiencenet USA producing reports using consumer profile information in the USA and UK.
  • Kirstie Ashman (Criminology) and Heidi Mitchell (Politics) worked at Starting Point to find out whether the classes held impacted upon learners of safety and/or their health and wellbeing.
  • Sophie Atherton (Sociology) completed an internship with the Planning Support Office at the University of Manchester.
  • Maham Azam ((Politics and International Relations) analysed the reshaping of public services in Trafford with Trafford Council.
  • Einass Bakhiet (Politics and Philosophy) spent her internship at Audiencet looking at Political Engagement of Millennials around the world.
  • Jashan Bhullar (Politics and International Relations) spent her internship analysing the data from the Public Attitudes Tracker Survey at the Food Standards Agency.
  • Jose Maria Campos Neves (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) spent his internship with the Core Performance and Intelligence team at Manchester City Council.
  • Leo Carella (Politics and International Relations) was tasked with gathering and analysing data for the State of the North 2016 report at IPPR.
  • Jesse Coleman (Politics and Philosophy) worked with the Political and Social Research Team at YouGov in London.
  • Camille Corti-Georgiou (Politics and International Relations) spent her internship at EWERC at the Alliance Manchester Business School.
  • David Dobson (BASS Sociology) looked at ageing, attitudes and sexual concerns at CMIST.
  • Christopher Fox (Politics, Philosophy and Economics) worked at BBC North West Tonight looking at research into homelessness, and NHS trust financial accounts.
  • Mirjana Gavrilovic Nilsson (Criminology) was an intern for the Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Manchester analysing how drug sellers and buyers on online drug cryptomarkets perceive the risk of detection.
  • Lydia Girling (Sociology) spent her internship looking at Post-16 Education Funding at the Education Funding Agency.
  • Lily Graham (Sociology) analysed the experiences and perceptions of young people toward employment and career progression with the RECLAIM project.
  • Tisha Harriott (Criminology) analysed and compiled data on the services available at the Pankhurst Trust Domestic Abuse Project.
  • Firman Hassan (Politics, Philosophy and Economics) evaluated the benefits of a new quantitative research approach Affinity Sutton Housing were using.
  • Lara Johnstone (Criminology) identified what the reasonable predictors of social isolation amongst older people are at Age UK.
  • Ryan Khurana (Philosophy) worked on Royal College Data for the General Medical Council.
  • Jiaqin Lin (Linguistics and Sociology) carried out a postcode analysis of Pantomime Customers for Oldham Coliseum Theatre
  • Nathaniel Lusty (Philosophy and Politics) analysed data for a piece for Times Redbox with The Times and Sunday Times.
  • Guste Matuleviciute (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) undertook an internship in collaboration with the University of Manchester and Rochdale Borough Council focusing on the British Kashmiri population in Rochdale.
  • James Montgomery (Politics and International Relations) analysed Domestic Migration in greater Manchester with New Economy.
  • Robyn Moor (Criminology) spent her internship working in the Crime and Policing Analysis Unit at the Home Office.
  • Joseph Needham (Sociology) investigated how Tableau could be used to visualise the Statistics on International Development dataset at the Department of International Development in Whitehall.
  • Cody O’Connor (Sociology) analysed Corporate Social Responsibility and Consumer Behaviour at Reason Digital.
  • Marilena Onisiforou (Linguistics) completed a 8 week internship at the Home Office in London with the Crime and Policing Analysis Unit.
  • Amelia Philips (Politics and International Relations) believed her internship at The Together Trust benefitted the organisation as her researcher revealed potential new donor relationships between the Together Trust and individuals, business and trusts.
  • Kieron Power (Politics and International Relations) designed an interactive dashboard with the use of Tableau at Stockport Council.
  • Giorgia Racis (Politics and International Relations) looked at Multilateral Shares Analysis at the Department for International Development
  • Aliaa Shaaban (Politics and International Relations) worked in Business Intelligence at One Manchester housing association.
  • Kayla Shu Chee (Criminology) did an analysis if the Respect phoneline and Men’s Advice line data.
  • Calum Simmons (Politics and International Relations) worked at new Economy analysing Greater Manchester/North West Economic Trends
  • Elizabeth Smith (Criminology) worked on honour based abuse with Greater Manchester Police.
  • Joanna Sweeney (Politics and International Relations) spent her internship with the Reputation team at YouGov.
  • Sherita Tam (Sociology) examined the changing patterns of ethnic inequalities in older people’s health in the UK with CoDE.
  • Becky Tolliday (Politics and Sociology) spent her internship at the Department for Education analysing and researching Children’s Services.
  • Viktoriya Trifonova (Social Anthropology and Criminology) completed an internship with the British National Surveys of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles.
  • Jeanmiguel Uva (Politics and International Relations) considerably improved his SPSS skills becoming fully proficient whilst also learning how to write syntax code at IPSOS MORI.
  • Hannah Watts (Criminology) spent her internship at the Home Office analysing the factors that increase the likelihood of violence against child victims.
  • Natascha Woolliams (Criminology) spent 8 weeks with the Home Office within the Crime and Policing Analysis Unit.
  • Waqar Younis (Sociology) explored the Pakistani Community of Manchester with the Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race Relations Centre in Manchester.