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The Faculty of Humanities is situated in various buildings across the University campus.

Business engagement

Rachel Kenyon
Business Engagement Manager, Faculty of Humanities
Tel: +44 (0)161 306 1124

HUMs Doctoral Academy

To contact us at the Doctoral Academy, please contact the individual below by email, send a general enquiry to, or call 0161 275 1200.

Postgraduate research (PGR) Support Team (Progression and Welfare and Student Experience)

Job titleNameEmail address
PGR Operations Officer Anusarin Lowe
PGR Coordinator (Experience) Joanne Marsh
PGR Coordinator (Progression & Welfare) Lynne Barlow-Cheetham
PGR Administrator (AMBS) Rachel McMenemy
PGR Administrator (SALC) Ann Cronley
PGR Administrator (SEED) Rachel McMenemy & Ann Cronley
PGR Administrator (SoSS) Jackie Boardman
PGR Operations Assistant (Examination - AMBS and SoSS) Jessica Pullan
PGR Operations Assistant (Examination – SALC and SEED) Zhichao Chen
PGR Operations Assistant (Hub Support) Camila Toledo Orbeta

PGR Support Team (Funded and External Programmes)

Job titleNameEmail address
PGR Operations Officer Carole Douguedroit-Arrowsmith
PGR Coordinator Debbie Kubiena
PGR Administrator (Validated Programmes) Sandra Bundy-Palmer
PGR Administrator (Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology) Liam Grindell
PGR Administrator (Professional Doctorate in Educational and Child Psychology) Christopher Kitchen
PGR Administrative Assistant (Professional Doctorate in Educational and Child Psychology) Farzana Timol
PGR Administrative Assistant (Professional Doctorate in Educational and Child Psychology) Lou Miller ( for PR7 and RTSG claims)
CDT Programmes

Debbie Kubiena & Sandra Bundy-Palmer


Job titleNameEmail address
PGR Administrator Francesca Roncoli

PGR Funding Support Team

Job titleNameEmail address
PGR Funding Coordinator David Hartley
PGR Funding Coordinator N/A
PGR Funding Coordinator Neil Sanderson
PGR Funding Administrator Kimberley Hulme

Recruitment and Admissions Support Team

Job titleNameEmail address
PGR Recruitment & Admissions Officer Tasleem Hanif
PGR Coordinator Paul Greenham (From August 2023)
PGR Recruitment Administrator Zoe Pye
PGR Admissions Administrator (AMBS) Mark Falzon
PGR Admissions Administrator (SALC and SEED) Rachel Corbishley
PGR Admissions Administrator (SoSS) Zahra Abdalla
PGR Operations Assistant (Admissions) Romy Tonge