Case studies

We have worked with a range of organisations on a wide variety of projects.

Al Futtaim Group 

Bespoke retail executive training was developed via collaboration with Alliance MBS to equip senior leaders with best in class strategic retail leadership capabilities to achieve growth in the retail sector.


Developing research collaborations across the Faculty in the key areas of energy, cities and health as well as wider collaborations around student placements and recruitment.


Academics from Alliance MBS worked with BP to develop a bespoke training programme for senior management: 'Changing project management culture in the energy sector'. The collaborative process ensured the best of what a world-class university could offer was grounded in the reality of BP’s business, strategy and challenges.


A collaborative research project with our School of Environment, Education and Development into the long-term sustainability of cocoa production led Cadbury to move its supply chain to Fairtrade and launch the Cadbury Cocoa Partnership.

Co-operatives UK 

A joint research project with Alliance MBS into the impacts of community share issues to develop best practice for their more effective utilisation.

Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority (GMWDA) 

Researchers in the School of Social Sciences worked on the Urban Waste Management Project to help GMWDA understand how big data can help achieve its policy target of zero waste.

Imperial War Museums (IWM) 

Academic expertise from the Institute for Development, Policy and Management on conflict, contributed to an interactive exhibition and learning initiative at IWM London and North.

Joseph Rowntree Foundation 

Funded a series of briefings analysing data from the 2011 census. This 'Dynamics of Diversity Series' was produced The Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity, which brings together sociologists, demographers, historians, geographers, and political scientists in a programme of research concerned with understanding changing ethnic identities and inequalities.


A hands-on kit for creative engagement, Ketso® provides open-source guidance on effective engagement to harness user innovation and is currently used in over 40 countries worldwide. Over 100 case studies demonstrate a clear impact on community development, social inclusion, health and wellbeing, enterprise, environmental planning and pedagogy.

Manchester City Council

MICRA/Triangulum/Lighthouse Project, a five year EU funded project involving 23 European Partners from urban municipalities, research institutions and industry to demonstrate cutting-edge smart city technologies, delivering ‘smart green growth’ – reducing carbon emissions whilst boosting the economy.

Migrants’ Rights Network 

Researchers in the Law department collaborated with migrants' rights community groups to investigate undocumented migrants in the UK. The research supported the emergence of a policy-relevant and community-led research agenda relating to the treatment of undocumented migrants.

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Save the Children UK

A strategic partner of our Humanitarian Conflict & Response Institute, together seeking to improve the effectiveness of humanitarian activities. Currently supporting the Centre for Equity in Education and a number of local educational partnerships to explore and develop English Children’s Zones to help improve the educational outcomes and wider life chances of children living in highly disadvantaged areas.

Scottish and Southern Electricity 

A joint project with the Centre for Urban Policy Studies to develop a cloud-based spatial-digital platform to support location-based problems via a package of map-based software tools to support business decisions with a specialist focus in utility transmission and large scale infrastructure planning.


The technology partner for the Manchester Corridor element of the European funded Triangulum project, connecting local energy generation assets and electrical storage devices and buildings to a centralised control platform, to develop smart city technologies that can be replicated in cities around the world.


A social enterprise to effectively assess and manage a suicide crisis. STORM provides training for frontline staff working with vulnerable people, allowing them to practice skills and create networks that will assist in suicide intervention.


Committed funding to create the Sustainable Consumption Institution (SCI) at The University of Manchester. The SCI is a multidisciplinary centre of global excellence, researching major national and international issues associated with sustainability, including consumer behaviour and product lifecycles.